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Tempo Compact Buttinski

Product Description

Compact Buttinski

SKU: 000.553

The Compact DSP Test Set is designed to operate safely in situations where telephone wiring may be carrying digital traffic, voltage feed to remote electronics or the hazardous voltages that result from fault conditions or misuse of the cable.

When set to OFF mode, on connection to a circuit, the test set sounds an alarm to alert the user to the presence of voltages above 75V DC (nominal). These voltages are normally present on circuits carrying digital services. If the circuit is active, the user can select MONITOR mode and listen to the sound to determine if the circuit is carrying digital services without disrupting the traffic.

Selecting TALK mode will stop the alarm signal and loop the line without damage to the test set. If the alarm signal persists, it indicates that the voltage on the line is above 120V (nominal). In this case the line is not looped avoiding damage to the test set as well as alerting the user to the presence of voltages.


  • Safe with Data Lines
  • Rugged Drop-Proof Design
  • Protected against 230 VAC
  • Flat Battery – always ready feature
  • Over Current Protection
  • Battery Saving Auto Power-off
  • Lightning Surge Protection
  • Three-Position Volume Boost
  • Finger Tip Microphone Mute
  • Headset Socket for Hands Free
  • 32-Digit Last Number Redial
  • Acoustic Shock Protection