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TELECOMS EQUIPMENT Loud Sounding Tone Ringer

Product Description

Loud Sounding Tone Ringer

Download Brochure: Loud Sounding Tone Ringer

SKU: 000.022


  • Replaces Type-C Alarm
  • Best value ready to install kit
  • Loudest in the industry at 210dB when 2 speakers connected
  • Line 1 / Line 2 Test buttons
  • Provision for 2 exchange lines via 4P4C Krone IDC for easy termination (tool included)
  • 4 different selectable ring tones for each exchange line via dip switches
  • 2 Optional outputs for 8ohm 15 watt horn speakers (1 Speaker included)
  • 1 Output for strobe light and/or special applications

Kit Includes

  • Loud Sounding Tone Ringer
  • 12V 2A DC Power Supply
  • 15 Watt 8 Ohm Horn Speaker
  • Termination Tool