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Buildex Super Wall Mates 20kg

Product Description

Super Wall Mates 20kg

SKU: 000.530

The Wall-Mate® with the greatest holding power, the Super Wall-Mate® features a wing toggle that anchors itself behind the plasterboard, increasing the pullout strength to a recommended 20kgs.
Ideal for holding shelving, mirrors, curtainrods and coat racks. Recommended for ceiling applications such as lighting fixtures and hanging plants.

How to Use
Super Wall-Mates

1. Place on the end of a Phillips head screwdriver or cordless drill. Lightly piece the plasterboard and using firm pressure, screw into the plasterboard until head is tight against the facepaper.

2. Place the item to be fixed into place and insert the screw.

3. Turning the screw will engage the wing toggle.

4. Continue turning the screw until it is tight, this will ensure the toggle is firmly anchored behind the plasterboard.

The plasterboard will fail first, not the Wall-Mate®. Due to possible differences in applications and interpretation of results, purchasers must make their own evaluation of the product to determine the suitability of Wall-Mates for their intended use.Warning: Wall-Mate® anchors are only as strong as the plasterboard in which they are anchored to.